About me

My love for Growth Hacking comes from the fact that it is 1) measurable 2) repeatable and 3) a very broad field.

Traditionally, marketing has lacked in all those areas. The impact of marketing has often not been measured and when it has been measured often the wrong things have been measured.

And many times when a marketing campaign has been a success, it is not repeatable because there was no structured process in the first place which means attempting to reproduce similar results will fail. The results were not repeatable.

Growth marketing requires a broad understanding of a lot of concepts and a lot of different skills. From statistics and programming to psychology and copywriting.

I have experience from growth marketing from startups within media, fintech and proptech but the processes and principles are applicable in all industries and across all markets no matter if it is B2C or B2B.

I want to help others by doing the right things better. The first step in that is setting a growth strategy by evaluating where you are and what is the next step forward.

After you have a growth strategy in place the next step is tactical and execution. This is when you implement the tactics that will achieve your growth strategy.

I can help you all along the way. From choosing a growth strategy to implementing the tactics to achieve that strategy.

Don't hesitate to contact me.

– Victor Björklund